Welcome to Linked Inclusion®

"You belong here."

What is Linked Inclusion®?

Linked Inclusion® platform and Inclusion app are recommended for individuals, practitioners and companies seeking a community and resources for individuals facing the common challenges of exclusion that we all face.  We built them with you in mind.

Why You Should Join

Linked Inclusion® brings together tools and resources such as virtual events, trainings, tele-wellness, virtual storytelling and experience sharing, support and many additional exclusive features specifically tuned to meet your needs.

Official Safe Space

We strive every day to build and sustain Safe Spaces.  We moderate continuously to ensure you do not have to concern yourself with trolling, trauma triggering comments, and abusive behaviors.  We do not "shadow ban."  We respect you and your beliefs and ask that you respect others and their beliefs.  Everyone has a story to tell and a right to tell it.  We built Linked Inclusion®, and the Inclusion® app especially for you and your network. 

Keep Up With Linked Inclusion® On The Go
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